Evidence based1 solutions for agile, dynamic workplace environments

1. denoting an approach to medicine, education, and other disciplines that emphasizes the practical application of the findings of the best available current research.

Workplace Services

The Workplace Wellness Program

The Workplace Wellness Program is a profoundly effective evidence-based training designed for modern workplace environments and adult learning styles. Drawing on nudge economics, neuroscience, positive psychology, neurobiology and contemporary Gestalt psychotherapy, it supports whole teams to build wellness-focused habits together across four key pillars - mindfulness, movement, mindful eating and emotional health.


  • Psychological Safety - Increased feelings of safety and trust at work
  • Holistic health - Enhanced physical, emotional and mental wellbeing
  • Cultural Support - A progressive nature of workplace culture
  • Connection - A reduction in workplace loneliness
  • Belonging - A greater sense of belonging at work
  • Other - Creativity and innovation are the by-products of the above
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Is your business looking for an IWBI well certification?

Future Culture salutes the International WELL Building Institute's (IWBI) for helping workplace communities thrive within built environments. While WELL Certification requires robust review by the GBCI, ‘The Workplace Wellness Program’ proudly helps projects earn up to 15 points towards this WELL Building Standard goal by supporting culture development features in the Nourishment, Movement, Mind and Community Concepts.

EAP Sessions

Empowered people produce powerful results. Having access to a workplace therapist or coach with organisational leadership experience, therapist qualifications or both can benefit your people enormously, improving interpersonal relationships, productivity and wellbeing in your workplace. We offer individual sessions or monthly packages delivered by our expert team of coaches and therapists.


  • Valued - Team members feel valued when their unique needs are attended to
  • Loyal - Enhanced sense of loyalty through workplace expression of genuine care
  • Empowered - Empowered team members will achieve more powerful results
  • Psychologically safe - Increased psychological safety is good for creativity and innovation
  • Kindness - Does individuals the world of good and makes the world a better place
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Stories are the way people make sense of the world. The right piece of knowledge delivered with the right story at the right time has the power to inspire, motivate and move your people towards greatness. Future Culture organises inspirational and expert speakers — either one-off or a program series over a longer period — across elite sport, wellness, technology, performance coaching and innovation.


  • Bespoke - We recommend speakers that will meet your messaging needs
  • Cultivate Spirit - Build a workplace culture people love to belong to
  • Knowledge - Stay abreast of industry trends with select speaker insights
  • Connect - A good reason for your people to connect, learn and bond
  • Energy - Keep people stimulated and refreshed with positive workplace buzz
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Resilience Trainings

Resilience, in positive psychology, refers to the ability to cope with whatever life throws at you. Some people are knocked down by challenges, but resilient individuals recover quickly and bounce back stronger than they were before. This series of 7 evidence-based workshops will have your team playing to their strengths, celebrating each other’s abilities, communicating more skillfully to deepen trust, while upgrading their personal narratives and having a load of fun along the way.


  • Strength - Team members identify their personal strengths and understand each others
  • Resilience - Leverage unique strengths to build resilience and bounce back strong from challenges
  • Empowered - Upgrade communication skills to 10x the quality of relationships
  • Connected - Learn, laugh, love through it all for tighter team bonds
  • Belong - A greater sense of belonging at work is good for all
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The Importance of Giving Back

Future Culture believes in the power of kindness, connection and giving back. That’s why every time you engage us to run a program, workshop or other service for your organisation, we support a woman from a domestic violence shelter in Two Goods Work Work program to access our Workplace Wellness Program as she reenters the workforce. Two Good’s Work Work program trains women who have been living in refuges (or are long term unemployed) to develop skills and find meaningful jobs. We deliver this support in person at Two Good’s offices in Redfern.